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Support Gala in Kungsträdgården for human rights in Iran

Sunday, 30th August, a nationwide campaign will take place to highlight and support the Iranian people's struggle for human rights. A support Gala is arranged in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm with twenty artists and politicians. The Gala is coordinated with activities in Gothenburg and Malmö.

The Swedish Presidency of the EU and the meeting between EU foreign ministers in Stockholm is a good opportunity to bring the Iranian people's call for fundamental freedoms on to the agenda.

Let us with our important role of the presidency of the EU use our freedom to encourage others!

You are welcome to come and listen to experts and Swedish politicians and show your support all the people who are risking their lives for the right to express their opinions and thoughts.

WHERE: Kungsträdgården
WHEN: Sunday, August 30
TIME: 2 pm-6 pm

Speakers involved are as follows (complete list is presented shortly)

Mona Sahlin (Head of the Socialdemocrat party of sweden)
Gudrun Schyman (spokesperson for Feministic initiative)
Jan Björklund (Education Minister of Sweden, head of Liberal People's Party)
Peter Eriksson (spokesperson for Green Party)
Wanja Lundby-Wedin (LO’s Chairman)
Ove Bring (Professor of Law)
Lise Bergh (Secretary General of the Swedish section of Amnesty International)
Gustav Blix (Moderate Party, member of the parliament)
Hans Linde (Left Party foreign affairs spokesman)
Nima Dervish (freelance writer and columnist for including the City)
Sören Juvas (RFSL's association and member of the ILGA World Board)
Ardalan Shekarabi (former President for the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League)
Makan Afshinnejad (member of the Liberal People's Party)

Artists involved are as follows (complete list is presented shortly)

Adam Tensta
Thomas Di Leva
Promoe & Spider Dogs
Shahin Najafi
Million Stylez
Stephen Simmonds
Tensta Gospel
Baquetum (Brazilian rhythm group)
Zinat Pirzadeh
Sepideh Vaziri
Mike Cothrine & The One Life Band
Hermanos Bernal & Allyawan

About Initiative Iran

Initiative Iran is a network of people with different backgrounds who want to promote universal significance and respect for Human rights in Iran. We are trying in different ways to draw attention and give support to those struggling for their basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and freedom of the press. These are rights that are currently hardly restricted in the country.

Defending and cherishing human rights is a duty that is shared by every citizen of each nation. However, the main responsibility is in the hands of governments and states. Therefore, it is our common conviction Sweden, like all other nations in the world, has the responsibility to support and defend the struggle for human rights in Iran.  

Read the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights on the organization's website.

Registration number: 802447 – 5785

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or if you share our position and think that you can help us in anyway.



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